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Hodge, also referred to in some drafts as Roger, is a character cut from Blade Runner. He was one of six renegade replicants led by Roy Batty. There is little known about him - he is the only replicant whose function remains unknown. He, like Mary, was written out of the script at an early stage. He would have been present for the outer colony escape, but the sequence was scrapped in favour of an opening crawl. Unlike Mary, no actor was cast in the role.

He was killed when he was fried by passing through a security measure called an electro-field while breaking into the Tyrell Corporation headquarters.[1] An earlier edition of the script states that he had killed two security guards and had successfully entered the Genetic Sector before finally being killed.

The only reference to him that remains in any released edition of the movie, albeit indirectly, is when Bryant briefs Deckard and tells him about the break-in. This bit of dialogue created a plothole regarding the identity of the sixth replicant, leading some to theorize that Deckard is, in fact, the sixth member of the group. The Final Cut changes Bryant's line from telling Deckard one replicant was killed attempting to break to saying two replicants were killed, using alternative dialogue from the workprint and resolving the plothole.

Hodge Replicant -6

Hodge (referred to here as 'Roger') from the storyboards for the scrapped 'Outer Colony Escape' sequence.


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