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Film Continuity

Holloway was a Los Angeles Police Department officer who later became a thug hired by Baker.


When Blade Runner Ray McCoy attempted to give exotic dancer Dektora a Voight-Kampff empathy test, Holloway showed up after she called the police on McCoy for innappropriate behavior. He claimed to know nothing about Lieutenant Guzza or Captain Harry Bryant and knocked McCoy out.[1]

Alternatively, if Dektora was a human, McCoy was confronted by Holloway at Hysteria Hall after attempting to Voight-Kampff Lucy Devlin.[1]

After beating McCoy and preparing to torture him in the sewers beneath the city, Holloway was tossed aside after fellow Blade Runner Crystal Steele burst into the room and killed Baker. Holloway was left staggering as Steele and McCoy escaped.[1]


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