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DADOES Continuity

Hope was a rogue C-V android.


Following World War Terminus, Hope belonged to a group of rogue androids led by Talus. She maintained a human cover occupation and was present at a San Francisco Police Department precinct where she spotted Charlie Victor, a fellow C-V android who was used as a bounty hunter to hunt down Talus's group. Hope informed Talus of such, prompting a strategical change for the group.[1]

Hope later informed Talus of Victor's presence at the Presidio alongside Malcolm Reed, a special capable of detecting emotion. Talus laid out a plan to Hope for their group to follow.[2]

When Faith brought Reed to Talus, Hope adamantly suggested that they kill him.[3]

Faith, Hope, and Talus later armed themselves to prepare for Victor's arrival, provided that he manage to survive a planned attack.[3]

Shortly after Victor's peaceful arrival to the apartment, with Dr. Samantha Wu in tow, Sam managed to overwhelm Talus with emotion by activating an EMP charge against his head. Hope was distracted by this, allowing Victor to disarm her. Faith prepared to shoot, but Talus did not want to run the risk of losing Hope.[4]

Victor managed to get the group's remaining members recalled to the building and revealed to them that he had a bomb implanted in his torso in order to eliminate them. After a brief struggle, the bomb was detonated, killing all of the androids inside the apartment.[4]