Howie Lee is the Sushi Master at the White Dragon Noodle Bar in Chinatown. He mainly speaks Japanese, but when prompted he speaks English and understands Cityspeak. In the video game he has a Replicant chef called Zuben who is targeted for retirement by Ray McCoy. Some time after this incident Rick Deckard eats at his restaurant. The two trade a brief exchange where they somewhat jokingly argue about how much Deckard should order, implying Deckard is a regular customer. After serving Deckard his meal, Gaff comes along and tries to get Deckard's attention while speaking Cityspeak, with Howie translating. Ultimately, Deckard takes Howie's meal to-go.

Behind the scenes Edit

Howie is unnamed in the original Blade Runner film and script, only referred to as "Sushi Master."