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Howie Lee was the sushi master at the White Dragon noodle bar in Los Angeles' Chinatown. He mainly spoke Japanese, but when prompted, he spoke English and understood Cityspeak. He was friendly with Rick Deckard, who frequently came to his bar for food.[1]

He employed a replicant chef called Zuben who was targeted for retirement by rookie Blade Runner Ray McCoy.[2]

Sometime after this incident, Deckard arrived at Lee's restaurant for a meal. The two traded a brief exchange where they argued about how much Deckard should order, with Lee insisting that Deckard was ordering too much food. After Lee served Deckard his meal, Gaff came along and tried to get Deckard's attention while speaking Cityspeak, with Lee translating. Ultimately, Deckard took Howie's meal to-go.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Howie is unnamed in the original Blade Runner film and script, only referred to as "Sushi Master." His name was not given until the 1997 video game.