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K's apartment door, vandalized

Human supremacy was a belief held by a number of humans following the introduction of replicants.


The belief of human supremacy existed from the very beginning of replicant production, due to their being designed for the purpose of slave labor. In 2009, Nia Moreaux led a group of replicants in terrorizing humans who held such beliefs.[1]

After a mutiny staged by Nexus-6 combat units in 2018,[2] replicants were forbidden from Earth. Blade Runner units were assigned to retire any replicant on the planet. Derogatory terms such as "skinjob" had come into common use by the year 2019.[3]

Following the introduction of the Nexus-8, which possessed a natural lifespan, a human supremacy movement gained steam. This group utilized the Replicant Registration database to identify, hunt down, and kill replicants. This led directly to the Blackout orchestrated by replicants and their advocates.[4]

In 2032, a group of replicants were manufactured to be completely submissive to humans. This group, referred to as "dolls," were then hunted for sport by Arthur Bannister, Earl Grant, Josephine Grant, and Hayden Hooper.[5]

Anti-replicant sentiment continued well into 2049, evidenced by Nexus-9 replicant Blade Runner K being harassed by co-workers and fellow tenants.[6]