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Film Continuity

Hythe was reportedly a London-based Blade Runner. At least five replicants of Hythe were also made, though it was uncertain if the original was a human or not.

One of these replicants was defective and turned on her master, Alexander Selwyn. She later took residence in Selwyn's home under the alias Penelope.


Original Hythe[]

Hythe was ostensibly[1] hired by Isobel Selwyn, of the Heidecker-Vostro mining company to find Cleo Selwyn.[2] Ultimately, this was part of a plot by Alexander Selwyn to deceive ex-Blade Runner Ash into leading Isobel to Cleo.[1]

During her assignment, she investigated a Nexus-8 uprising in the Off-world colonies in 2026. During this, she found the wanted ex-Blade Runner Aahna "Ash" Ashina and performed a Voight-Kampff test on her. Despite Ash being in disguise and under an assumed name, Hythe immediately knew her true identity.[3]

Hythe reinstated Ash as a Blade Runner and recruited her to assist in the search for Cleo. This led them to an aquarium owner, who gave them information leading to an eye surgeon. The eye surgeon then tipped them off to a lead in the Maze, a deadly borough of Ramanuja. There, they were ambushed by Pellam, leader of the Nexus-8 group that had traveled with Cleo. He told them that the rest of the group was long gone and Hythe eliminated him.[2]

Hythe and Ash later met with Isobel Selwyn,[2] who accompanied them to Ramanuja's transport hub. As Ash determined Cleo's destination to be Arcadia, Hythe held her at gunpoint, revealing the deception. However, she was tackled by Padraic, but was able to draw her sidearm and kill him. She sharply criticized Ash for her sympathy toward replicants, but was killed by Isobel, who possessed the previous Isobel's memories and was allied with Ash.[1]

Replicant Hythes[]

Another Hythe was assigned by Selwyn to carry on the first's mission.[4] Tipped off by Pim, this Hythe tracked Ash down to a farm near Los Angeles, inhabited by the Replicant Resistance. Hythe promptly eliminated Pim, but before she could complete her mission, the replicant Dyson attacked, allowing Ash, Freysa, and Ephraim to escape.[5]

Later, four more Hythes accompanied Selwyn at his Santa Barbara home to ambush Ash.[5] A fight ensued, with Ash managing to kill two of them. Outside, after a confrontation between Selwyn, Cleo, and Isobel, one Hythe prepared to kill Isobel after she snapped Alexander Selwyn's neck. However, the other remaining Hythe – apparently defective – killed this one and asked to be given the home and to be forgotten, offering Ash a remote to her spinal brace and to also be forgotten.[6]



Penelope in 2039

The surviving Hythe took the name of Penelope as well as Selwyn's home, employing a Nexus-8 butler, Clarence.[7]

In 2039, she was visited by the Blade Runner, Luv, who immediately recognized Clarence as a replicant, explaining that she herself was a replicant, a revelation that fascinated Hythe. However, she denied having ever met Selwyn, insisting that she had taken his home well after his death. Luv stated her reason for being there was to find sensitive material, which Hythe guessed to pertain to replicants. She resisted Luv's intentions to search the home and as Clarence distracted Luv by pulling a gun on her, Hythe attacked the Blade Runner. During a scuffle, Hythe revealed that she was an older model of replicant and was indeed familiar with Selwyn. After subduing Luv, she asked Clarence to see that Luv would be taken away by morning.[7]

After Luv was taken away by Wallace Corporation personnel, Hythe revealed to Clarence that the most important of Selwyn's files still existed in the residence's laboratory. She asked him to prepare her car so she could go to Los Angeles.[8]

She met with Ash at a diner, giving her Selwyn's files. A shot then rang out, barely missing Hythe. After the two incapacitated the gunmen, Hythe figured that she must have been followed from Santa Barbara.[8]

Figuring that Luv would be going after scientists who had worked for Selwyn, she went to the Hollywood Hills and to Hollis' home. There, she awaited Luv, who was there with Rash, a replicant clone of Ash. She held them at gunpoint told them she wished to kill Niander Wallace. Soon, Rash attacked her and a brief fight broke out until Rash shot Hythe through the chest, killing her.[9]