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Hythe was a London-based Blade Runner.


Hythe was ostensibly[1] hired by Isobel Selwyn, of the Heidecker-Vostro mining company to find Cleo Selwyn.[2] Ultimately, this was part of a plot by Alexander Selwyn to deceive ex-Blade Runner Ash into leading Isobel to Cleo.[1]

During her assignment, she investigated a Nexus-8 uprising in the Off-world colonies in 2026. During this, she found the wanted ex-Blade Runner Ash and performed a Voight-Kampff test on her. Despite Ash being in disguise and under an assumed name, Hythe immediately knew her true identity.[3]

Hythe reinstated Ash as a Blade Runner and recruited her to assist in the search for Cleo. This led them to an aquarium owner, who gave them information leading to an eye surgeon. The eye surgeon then tipped them off to a lead in the Maze, a deadly borough of Ramanuja. There, they were ambushed by Pellam, leader of the Nexus-8 group that had traveled with Cleo. He told them that the rest of the group was long gone and Hythe eliminated him.[2]

Hythe and Ash later met with Isobel Selwyn,[2] who accompanied them to Ramanuja's transport hub. As Ash determined Cleo's destination to be Arcadia, Hythe held her at gunpoint, revealing the deception. However, she was tackled by Padraic, but was able to draw her sidearm and kill him. She sharply criticized Ash for her sympathy toward replicants, but was killed by Isobel, who possessed the previous Isobel's memories and was allied with Ash.[1]


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