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Ilora Stahl was a representative chosen by Eldon Tyrell to handle any Los Angeles Police Department inquiries into the death of Lydia Kine.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When Detective Cal Moreaux attempted to question Effie Koropey about the case, Stahl sent Effie out and insisted upon answering any questions, though insisted that all relevant details were already sent to the LAPD. Further, Stahl told Moreaux that his skills would be put to better use if he instead worked for Tyrell.[1]

Stahl later visited Effie, who attempted to access Kine's files. Informing her that Kine had apparently delated all such information prior to her death, she left with a request for Effie to disclose anything Kine might have told her.[2]

Later, Effie and other Tyrell personnel retrieved Kine's brother Marcus from the police precinct. En route to their destination, however, the spinner was attacked.[2]

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