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Ilora Stahl was a Tyrell Corporation representative chosen by Eldon Tyrell to handle any Los Angeles Police Department inquiries into the death of Lydia Kine.


As a child, Ilora would assist her father in burglaries in order to feed their family. On one such occasion, after robbing an electronics store, her father awarded her with an apple after they pawned their haul. Later that night, the family's apartment building caught fire and Ilora managed to escape the blaze, leaving behind her family and other tenants.[1]

In 2008, early in her employment with the Tyrell Corporation, Stahl headed the Excel Program, which was designed to replace jobs, such as teaching, with replicants, providing the humans who trained them with better jobs after the transition was complete. However, the program was met with opposition, so Stahl sought to use Dr. Lydia Kine's Nexus-5 project to create someone that would promote the program. Fifth grade teacher Nia Moreaux was noted as a perfect candidate. Stahl attempted to speak with Moreaux, but instead was met with hostility.[2]

Weeks later, after Moreaux was injured in an attack on the program, Stahl ordered that her ambulance be intercepted. The seriously wounded Nia's consciousness was transferred into Kine's prototype Nexus-5.[2]

When Detective Cal Moreaux attempted to question Effie Koropey about the case, Stahl sent Effie out and insisted upon answering any questions, though insisted that all relevant details were already sent to the LAPD. Further, Stahl told Moreaux that his skills would be put to better use if he instead worked for Tyrell.[3]

Stahl later visited Effie, who attempted to access Kine's files. Informing her that Kine had apparently delated all such information prior to her death, she left with a request for Effie to disclose anything Kine might have told her.[4]

Later, Effie and other Tyrell personnel retrieved Kine's brother Marcus from the police precinct. En route to their destination, however, the spinner was attacked.[4]

Stahl survived the wreck, ordering a thorough investigation. She was eventually retrieved by her assistant Osha after she was summoned for a video meeting with Eldon Tyrell.[5]

Later, she went to Effie's apartment, where she uncovered files that revealed that Lydia had discovered transference. Effie soon arrived, but claimed to know nothing about this discovery.[5]

Stahl later joined Moreaux's pursuit of the Nexus-4 Asa. Once it led into a museum, Stahl caught up to Effie and shot her dead.[6]

Following the death of the replicant Arnault, Stahl confronted Moreaux about it as he visited his hospitalized sister. However, Moreaux managed to angrily tell her off and she left, frowning as she boarded the elevator.[7]

She later met with Gutman in an attempt to convince him to cover up deaths related to the Nexus-5 case. However, he refuses, urging her to get Moreaux to do it instead.[8]

Later, as Stahl recalled her childhood trauma, Marcus Kine revealed to her that not only did the Nexus-5 escape the Tyrell headquarters, but also the Nexus-4 Asa, which housed the consciousness of Lydia. Stahl then excused herself to the facility's combat replicant storage, insisting she had the situation under control.[1]

Stahl led a group of Nexus-3 replicants and Marcus to the slum marketplace. There, she summoned personnel wielding flamethrowers, commanding the market to be torched.[9] When the marketplace was nearly destroyed, one of her militia approached her to report this, but she made an order for the entirety of the slums to be destroyed.[10]

As she saw Moreaux approach in a counter-attack, the shocked Stahl ordered her militia to focus fire on him. As Moreaux advanced on her position, Stahl escaped the scene in a spinner.[10]

She was soon summoned for a meeting with Eldon Tyrell, who blamed the trouble caused by Nia completely on Stahl. He left her responsible to repair the damages and to prevent such rebellion from occurring in future replicants.[2]

Stahl was given a live television interview where she confirmed the failure of the Excel Program, but announced that Tyrell would provide specialized replicants to help repair the damage caused in the slums. As she began to detail the next Nexus replicant, the interview was interrupted by Nia, who held Stahl at gunpoint, saying her next actions were necessary. Cal Moreaux then burst in and shot Nia in the heart, killing her.[11]

Over the course of the following two months, Tyrell helped form the LAPD Blade Runner Unit, with Moreaux as its inaugural member. Despite Stahl saying otherwise during a press conference, the police would not handle calls about rogue replicants, but rather Stahl's office would. Despite saving Stahl's life and becoming her subordinate, Moreaux warned her that he would come after her.[12]


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