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Iran Deckard was the wife of bounty hunter Rick Deckard.


On the morning of January 3, 1992/2021, Iran reluctantly woke as her husband did, followed by a brief argument about the morality of her husband's line of work, which she likened to that of a paid murderer. Iran ended the argument by threatening to dial her Penfield mood organ to a highly-hostile state.[1]

As Rick went over the schedule for the day, Iran revealed to him that she scheduled her mood organ to give her six hours of self-accusatory depression, prompted by the experience of hearing the empty apartments around them when she had silenced their television during a commercial. Iran felt that programming a feeling of despair was appropriate for their situation, remaining on Earth while others had emigrated. Worried about the potential effects of enduring such a setting, Rick urged her not to go through with it.[1]

Although her husband dialed her mood organ, she redialed to her scheduled state of depression after he left. Later in the day, he called her, informing her of his lucrative assignment to retire a group of Nexus-6 androids, but her despondent responses prompted him to hang up.[1]

Later, as Iran prepared dinner, her husband arrived home, surprising her with the purchase of a black Nubian goat. The ownership of a real animal put Iran in a positive mood as they would no longer have to hide the fact they owned an electric animal, as they now owned a real one. She brought her husband back to their apartment to fuse with Wilbur Mercer via their empathy box, noting that earlier in the day she fused and received a bruise from getting hit by a rock.[1]

Before Iran could fuse with Mercer, her husband told her about his day, noting that he had begun to empathize with androids, thus wanted to quit his job. Faced with the monthly payments on their goat, he told her that he could move to another division with the police and that they could extend their payment contract on the goat. They then received a call from Rick's boss, Harry Bryant. Iran answered the vidphone and passed it to Rick so she could fuse with Mercer. Her husband fused after her and received an injury to his ear, prompting her to wipe the blood from it with a handkerchief. Her husband told her he was off to retire three more androids and she wished him luck in doing so.[1]

Later, Rachael Rosen came to the rooftop of the Deckards' apartment and pushed their goat off of the roof, killing it. Distraught over this and Buster Friendly's revelation that Wilbur Mercer was a fraud, she went to her husband when he came back home. She explained to him the goat's death and asked him to stay with her, but he quickly flew away in his hovercar.[1]

Worried about her husband, she tried calling his work. However, he soon came home with a toad, an animal thought to be extinct. Iran quickly discovered that the toad was actually electric. This, coupled with his day of retiring androids, prompted Iran to suggest her husband to go to sleep, offering to set his mood organ for "long deserved peace." Rick asked Iran if he had done wrong by carrying out his assignment, but she said no, that it was their curse, like how Mercer could no longer return things to life. Seeing her husband's mood brighten, she felt no need to set his mood organ. After Rick went to bed, Iran made a call to order supplies for the toad, telling the salesperson that Rick was devoted to it.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Iran appears only in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its comic book adaptation.

In the novel's loose film adaptation, Blade Runner, Rick Deckard is unmarried, but in the theatrical versions, he refers to an ex-wife in a voiceover.