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Film Continuity

Isaac was a Nexus-4 replicant designed to be a teacher, as part of the Tyrell Corporation's Excel Project.


In 2008, Isaac was one of three replicants assigned to Nia Moreaux for their training to teach fifth grade. After Nia asked them to come back for training in the morning, Isaac pointed out that they had already been given the information they needed in order to teach. Nia refuted this, asking what to do in a situation with an emotionally-distressed student. She told Isaac that such a situation required humanity. Sometime during the next two weeks, Isaac consulted a thesis paper Nia had written on empathic pedagogy.[1]

Two weeks after their first meeting, Isaac found Nia in her classroom, working instead of attending lunch with the other human teachers. He brought to her a decorative apple, pointing out the historical significance of such a gesture from student to teacher and that it symbolized knowledge. Nia accepted the apple and asked what made Isaac different than other replicants. He could not answer, but did tell her that he had read her thesis paper. Nia then asked Isaac to have lunch with her, but before they could discuss further, the two were caught in an explosion. Isaac carried the severely wounded Nia from the rubble.[1]

After Nia's consciousness was transferred to a prototype Nexus-5 body, she made contact with Isaac, "awakening" him and recruiting him to fight against anti-replicant citizens of Los Angeles. The two began a romantic relationship.[2]

When Ilora Stahl initiated an attack on the slums, Nia sent Isaac with her brother Cal to take down Stahl. Along the way to Stahl's position, Cal offered that the two of them have a drink together after fending off the Tyrell attack. With the pair pinned down, Isaac offered to provide Cal with cover fire, but was fatally shot while doing so.[1]