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Film Continuity

Isobel Selwyn (née Calhoun)[1] was the wife of Alexander Selwyn and mother of Cleo Selwyn. Following her death, she was replaced by an identical replicant.


Isobel had wealthy family members in San Francisco.[1]

She worked as a successful fashion model until meeting Selwyn, who she later married and had a daughter with. She was described as a homebody who rarely traveled to Los Angeles and out of her family's servants, she had a preference for Arkady.[2]

Isobel Selwyn

The first replicant of Isobel

At some point, Isobel was diagnosed with cancer, eventually succumbing to her disease in 2018. As a gift, Eldon Tyrell had a Nexus-7 replicant created for Alexander Selwyn to completely replace his wife. Their daughter, Cleo, was unaware of this, believing that her mother had simply returned from a brief illness.[3]