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Film Continuity

Isobel Selwyn was a Nexus-7 replicant designed to be identical to her namesake, the wife of Alexander Selwyn and mother of Cleo Selwyn.

She was created after the death of a previous replicant of Isobel and was given her memories.


This Isobel was created as part of a plot by Alexander Selwyn to retrieve his daughter, who he had arranged as payment to the Tyrell Corporation for creating the first Isobel replicant.[1]

Ostensibly, Isobel had been searching for Cleo between 2019 and 2026, during which time she became employed by the Heidecker-Vostro mining company and hired Blade Runner Hythe to find Cleo.[1]

Hythe brought Ash to Isobel at Ramanuja and the three searched for Cleo, with Isobel explaining to Ash that she was the previous Isobel replicant. After Ash determined Cleo's destination to be Arcadia and spotted Cleo in a crowd preparing to board a transport, Hythe held her at gunpoint and revealed the deception.[1]

During a scuffle between Hythe and Padraic, Cleo's friend, Cleo spotted Isobel and embraced her. Hythe then killed Padraic and condemned Ash for her sympathy for replicants, and was promptly shot by Isobel. Isobel revealed to Ash that, despite being more loyal to her husband, possessed the memories of the previous Isobel and was thus an ally of Ash. Ash then left Cleo with Isobel to reach Arcadia.[1]

However, the pair instead followed Ash in order to confront Alexander Selwyn back on Earth. Upon arriving at the Selwyn mansion in Santa Barbara, Cleo demanded of him to confirm that the reason he went after her was so that she could be given to Eldon Tyrell in order to be experimented upon. He confessed to this, but plead that they now could be a family again, prompting Cleo to hug him before going to the injured Ash. Isobel then went to him, killing him by breaking his neck. A Hythe replicant prepared to kill her before being stopped by another defective one, who requested the house and to be forgotten.[2]

Isobel, Cleo, and Ash returned to the city, dining at a noodle bar. The mother and daughter confirmed their plans to go to Arcadia, offering to take Ash with them. However, the ex-Blade Runner declined, deciding that she belonged on Earth in order to assist fugitive Nexus-8s.[2]

Isobel raised Cleo on Arcadia and continued to live with her after Cleo married and had a son.[3] Niander Wallace eventually tracked Isobel to Arcadia and in 2039, she quietly disappeared, believing it was best for Cleo's safety. Feeling it was the last place she would be searched for,[4] Isobel returned to Earth, where she stayed in a residence owned by the original Isobel's relatives in San Francisco.[5]

Blade Runners Luv and Rash tracked her there and upon hearing their spinner, Isobel hid. Ash and Mack arrived soon after the Blade Runners, the latter being shot by Rash. Isobel hijacked the spinner and came to Ash and Mack's aid, firing upon the Blade Runners and crashing into the house. As Ash ran to the spinner, Mack was killed.[5]

Isobel and Ash went to Mack's farm, where Isobel reunited with Cleo and explained why she disappeared. Ash suggested they find a new colony to reside on, much to Isobel's disappointment, believing that Wallace would continue to pursue her. The three, alongside Lexi, got on a tractor and traveled to Ash's partner Freysa Sadeghpour.[5]

Isobel assisted Ash, Freysa, and Cleo in interrogating Rash. They learned that Wallace believed he was close to achieving replicant fertility, feeling that Isobel was the missing piece.[6]

After Isobel gave her food, the captured Rash broke free and restrained Isobel. Taking her into the other room, she demanded the group to let her join, as she wanted her own freedom and had no loyalty to Wallace. Luv then burst in, ordering Rash to take Isobel to her spinner. Rash instead released Isobel and attacked Luv, knocking her out.[4]

After Ash provided Alexander's research to Wallace on the condition he leave Isobel and Cleo alone, the mother and daughter decided to return to the colonies with Rash to protect them.[7]