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Isobel Selwyn was a Nexus-7 replicant designed to be identical to her namesake, the wife of Alexander Selwyn and mother of Cleo Selwyn.

She was created after the death of a previous replicant of Isobel and was given her memories.

Biography[edit | edit source]

This Isobel was created as part of a plot by Alexander Selwyn to retrieve his daughter, who he had arranged as payment to the Tyrell Corporation for creating the first Isobel replicant.[1]

Ostensibly, Isobel had been searching for Cleo between 2019 and 2026, during which time she became employed by the Heidecker-Vostro mining company and hired Blade Runner Hythe to find Cleo.[1]

Hythe brought Ash to Isobel at Ramanuja and the three searched for Cleo, with Isobel explaining to Ash that she was the previous Isobel replicant. After Ash determined Cleo's destination to be Arcadia and spotted Cleo in a crowd preparing to board a transport, Hythe held her at gunpoint and revealed the deception.[1]

During a scuffle between Hythe and Padraic, Cleo's friend, Cleo spotted Isobel and embraced her. Hythe then killed Padraic and condemned Ash for her sympathy for replicants, and was promptly shot by Isobel. Isobel revealed to Ash that, despite being more loyal to her husband, possessed the memories of the previous Isobel and was thus an ally of Ash. Ash then left Cleo with Isobel to reach Arcadia.[1]

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