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Film Continuity

Ivan Kozlov was the head of security for his cousin Emile Barnes' fracking business in Fracktown.


A sadist, Kozlov was responsible for the deaths of numerous pleasure model Nexus-8 replicants employed by the Golden Garter[1] and their bodies would be dumped in the nearby desert.[2] These killings led to the confiscation of the brothel's remaining replicants by the Wallace Corporation.[1]

Kozlov led an attack on the Inland Empire Clean Energy Co-Op, the fracking business' main competitor. Although Dixon was captured and the group failed to assassinate Miguel Roman and Elle, they did manage to kidnap several members of the community, including Roman's wife and daughter.[3]

Later, he noticed that Dixon's keycard had been used in the facility and gathered a few men to investigate, finding Elle rescuing the prisoners. However, his men were easily defeated and Kozlov reported the escape to Barnes. An explosion then occurred, destroying the fracktory and Barnes.[2]

In the center of Fracktown, Kozlov claimed the attack to have been unprovoked, turning the town against the co-op's wind farmers. He called Roman, feigning an offer for a truce. Roman arrived with Elle, who offered herself as the target for Kozlov's revenge, despite Roman claiming himself as the one to blame. Once Elle taunted him about his previous pleasure model killings, Kozlov attacked her, eventually brandishing a knife. Soon, Elle disarmed him and he confessed to his and Barnes' misdeeds, turning the town against the frackers.[4]