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Joseph was a Los Angeles junkyard owner as of the year 2032.


In October 2032, Joseph lived on the top floor of the Bradbury Apartments. One evening, Doc Badger brought Elle to him, but he was passed out on his couch.[1] Elle managed to wake Joseph by pouring a bottle of liquor on him. Doc then introduced the two and noted an encrypted device Elle had, and that Elle had lost her memory. Noting the situation looked like "trouble," Joseph reluctantly agreed to help decrypt the device.[2]

As Joseph began the progress, Elle took notice of Joseph's television, which showed a broadcast of Senator Bannister and Niander Wallace, Sr.. When Elle asked how to find Bannister, Joseph noted this would be impossible. Elle then left, taking the device with her.[2]

Upon hearing of Bannister's death over his apartment's police radio,[3] Joseph found Elle in an alley and shot her, remarking "Definitely trouble."[2] He then took her to his apartment, where she later awoke him and he explained how he found her and continued working on her data device. Joseph offered her a drink, but she refused and he noted that the beverage did not taste as it did before the Blackout. Elle had no apparent memory of the Blackout, prompting Joseph to explain it to her, and she pondered whether she ever had any memories at all.[3]

Later, Joseph and Elle viewed news coverage of Bannister's death and she asked him what replicants were, as Bannister had told her she was one. He answered her question and examined her eye, finding no serial number that would indicate she was a Nexus-8. To quell any further worries, Joseph performed a Voight-Kampff test on her. Afterward, he told her she was not a replicant.[3]

Later, Joseph watched as Officer Alani Davis left the apartment building in her spinner.[3] He returned to his apartment to find Elle in an enraged state and he soon managed to calm her down. As Elle told him that she was a replicant, a fact she felt Joseph was aware of, she vowed to track down a group of hunters who had tried to kill her. She asked for Joseph's help, to which he agreed.[4]

After going out for groceries, Joseph returned home to find Elle using a gun from his apartment for target practice. After scolding her for rifling through his apartment, they went back inside and ate together. When Elle asked if replicants could forget by drinking alcohol, Joseph said they could not, as they were capable of forgetting memories.[5]

Using an Esper machine, Joseph helped Elle identify the hunters in the video and confirmed that one of them was a cop, evident by the watch he wore. After receiving a phone call, Joseph told Elle he was too busy to help her print off the photos and told her to have Doc Badger to it.[5]

As Doc and Elle printed the photos in Joseph's apartment, Joseph sat in Doc's shop. A SWAT team raided the shop and took Joseph into custody.[5]