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Film Continuity

Josephine Grant was the wife of Earl Grant.


In 2032, Josephine accompanied her husband, Arthur Bannister, and Hayden Hooper on a desert hunt for replicants designed to be completely submissive to humans. After she and the other hunters opened fire on the replicants, they dispersed and Josephine joined the others in hunting them up close, per her husband's suggestion, killing one herself. After Elle and Miu stole one of their buggies, Josephine opened fire on them.[1]

Elle managed to survive the hunt and her fugitive status concerned Josephine. She called her husband, requesting that more security be given to their home. Her husband denied her request, stating that suspicion was already racking up in the wake of the Senator's death. He then tried to reassure her that they would find the replicant.[2] Still unsatisfied with the two officers fulfilling the security detail, she poured herself a drink after her husband hung up. However, she saw a shadow pass by the window and she called her husband again. Chief Grant advised her to hide in the bedroom while he made his way over.[3]

Soon, Josephine spotted Elle inside the apartment and ran to an office, finding a gun in a desk drawer. She fired at Elle but missed every shot before being pinned to the desk, begging for her life. She was then tied to a chair and interrogated by Elle concerning the hunt. Josephine insisted that she was only there as a spectator and that any memories that Elle had of her doing anything else were probably false. However, Elle continued the interrogation, learning that Josephine did not know who planned the hunt and the Grants had been invited by Doctor M.[3]

Josephine's husband soon arrived, prompting Elle to hold a gun to Josephine's head. In an attempt to get Elle's guard won Chief Grant eventually insisted that he wanted to help her and suddenly attacked her. After a struggle, Elle stabbed Chief Grant and as he died, he fired his gun, but it hit Josephine in the chest. In her dying words, Josephine remarked that Elle wasn't supposed to be able to hurt humans and that Elle's feelings were fake and she did not really care.

Seconds after her death, Officer Alani Davis arrived in the room and attempted to arrest Elle. The Blade Runner Brook Marlowe then blew his way into the room with an explosive device, allowing Elle to run away. During the ensuing fight Elle purposefully triggered a gas explosion, detonating Josephine and Earl's home and covering it in flames.[3]