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Film Continuity

Lieutenant Joshi was a member of the Retirement Division of the Los Angeles Police Department and the superior of officer K, a Blade Runner.


Shortly after retiring the replicant Birdkeeper, Blade Runner Sam Hiraga received a call from Joshi, informing him that they needed a Blade Runner. While Hiraga had intended for Birdkeeper to be his final mission, Joshi informed him that his transfer had already been accepted and that he would want to perform these missions.[1]

Following his retirement of Nexus-8 replicant Sapper Morton, K contacted Joshi for a debriefing. She summoned him back to headquarters for a Baseline Test. K found a footlocker hidden under a tree, which Joshi sent a team to procure.[2]

Later in the evening, Joshi called K back to headquarters after the container's contents were determined to be humanoid remains. After K's arrival, it was determined that the remains belonged to a female replicant who had died in childbirth. To keep order, Joshi ordered K to find and retire the replicant's child.[2]

Lab technician Coco was later found dead and the replicant remains missing. Joshi went to K's apartment, learning that he discovered at Sapper Morton's farm a baby's sock and a date that was inscribed into the tree.[2]

Joshi asked K to recall a memory he had of being a child, hiding a toy wooden horse from a group of boys. Afterwards, she left as she told him to research the DNA of the child.[2]

Later, K was brought back to headquarters, where Joshi was angered at his lack of updates and the failure of a Baseline Test. He informed her that he had found the replicant child working a regular job and retired him. Believing this statement, Joshi blamed the stress of the retirement for K's test failure and took his gun and badge, giving him 48 hours to "get back on track" before his next Baseline Test.[2]

Joshi was confronted by Luv, who demanded to know the whereabouts of K, insisting that he had not retired the replicant child. Despite this, Joshi refused to reveal K's location and was killed by Luv with a knife.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Lieutenant Joshi is played by Robin Wright.

Jōshi (上司) with a long 'o' vowel means superior officer/boss in Japanese, and joshi (女子) with a short 'o' means girl or female.

Joshi is also a popular surname in India and Nepal, particularly followers of Hinduism of the Brahmin caste.