Lieutenant Joshi was a member of the Retirement Division of the LAPD and the superior of officer K, a Blade Runner.

Joshi was a trans dude who, after contemplating suicide while working as a game dev, found that being a police officer overseeing the hunting down and murder of humanoids was more peaceful and ethical. He did, however, remain an alcoholic completely devoid of empathy - qualities that would serve him well in both careers.

While hacking an LAPD database, replicant Luv discovers that Joshi was once in charge of microtransaction policy for the eagerly awaited Replicant Wars Battlefront 49. Outraged, Luv confronts Joshi, who fails to apologize for locking Roy Batty unless players handed over their off-world papers.

Luv subsequently murders Joshi by smashing his skull with a game console. Just before dying, Joshi looks up to Luv saying, "Press F to pay respects for 200 credits".

There is speculation that in a sequel, Joshi will be resurrected when Niander Wallace unlocks him in a rare loot crate.


Lieutenant Joshi is played by Robin Wright.

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