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Film Continuity

Junkett Jones was a mechanic who owned Junkett's Salvage & Retrofit in Fracktown.


Soon after her arrival in Fracktown, Elle found Junkett, looking to repair her spinner bike that was built by a late friend. Junkett examined the vehicle, finding that the relay board had been destroyed. She agreed to fix the bike in exchange for the buggy Elle brought it in.[1]

Junkett managed to repair the spinner bike before being called by Miguel Roman for assistance in rescuing Co-Op citizens captured by Emile Barnes' men. Junkett provided Elle with the fixed spinner bike and some PKD-9 nano-plastic explosives.[2]

After the fracktory was destroyed by these explosives, Kozlov came to town, claiming that the attack was unprovoked. Junkett fled Fracktown and encountered a co-op member, Preston along the way. The injured Preston claimed the others were killed by Sancho and accompanied Junkett to the co-op, where he was taken to the medical tent. Junkett informed Miguel, Elle, and Dixon of the situation in Fracktown. When she told them about Preston, this alarmed Dixon, who knew him to be a traitor. They rushed to the medical tent to find Preston strangling Nyoko Kojima and Elle intervened.[3]