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Film Continuity

Kaja Roman was the daughter of Miguel Roman and Nyoko Kojima.


After Elle was brought to Kaja's mother to have wounds treated, Kaja inquired about the tattoo on Elle's shoulder. After Elle told her it was from her "father," Kaja asked Elle to play football with her.[1] After they played together for a while, they were called to dinner by Nyoko.[2]

Shortly after the meal began, the co-op was attacked, with Miguel being shot in the shoulder. As Elle fended off the attackers, Nyoko ran to get medical supplies. Although she was told to stay with her father, Kaja ran after her mother and the two were captured.[2]

Emile Barnes forced Nyoko and other captured residents to work for him in order to keep Kaja safe.[2] However, this captivity was brief, as Elle came to the facility to rescue them. Kaja, Nyoko, and Elle managed to reach Elle's spinner bike, speeding away with Kaja detonating explosives set by her mother during the escape.[3]

After being reunited with her father, Kaja accompanied her family and Elle to Fracktown, where the feud was finally settled. As Elle left, Kaja begged her to come back.[4]