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Kalia was a follower of Yotun.


With Yotun, she observed tanks containing replicants. The two compared Yotun to Eldon Tyrell, noting the main difference to be Tyrell seeking profit while Yotun sought redemption. As Yotun grew exhausted, Kalia recommended a rejuvenation.[1]

She later attended to Aahna Ashina, a Blade Runner that he group had taken hostage, explaining to her that Yotun, by a miracle, had managed to live well beyond the Nexus-6's four-year lifespan, insiting that Ash would soon believe in such miracles.[2]

As Yotun monologued to Ash, who had been captured and placed inside a rejuvenation tank, Kalia went to retrieve him when Silka, Farhad, Dyson, and Freysa arrived at the facility. Later, after Silka, Farhad, and Dyson managed to free Ash from the tank, Kalia pursued them, managing to kill Silka.[3]

After the group broke into a vault, Kalia brought to Yotun a diary that had been taken from the vault. Yotun asked her about any memories she had and she indicated that she only had fragments. Yotun then explained to her that he had memories of writing in the diary, which had been entrusted to Alice Leopold by her elder brother, Eldon Tyrell.[4]