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Film Continuity

"I hope you have paperwork for all these vehicles."
"Are we kids or what Ray? You're talking to Crazy Legs Larry Hirsch here."
"I'll take that as a yes."
"You can take it any way you want. Just don't take it for a test drive in the fourth sector.

Ray McCoy and Larry Hirsch[src]

"Crazy Legs" Larry Hirsch was the owner and salesperson of a used car lot under his name in Hysteria Hall.

Hirsch attempted to interest Blade Runner Ray McCoy in a used car when the latter investigated Hysteria Hall to speak with Murray and Mia about cheese acquired from the Yukon Hotel.[1]

If McCoy escaped Los Angeles by himself, with Lucy Devlin, or with Dektora, he used a car from Hirsch's dealership.[1]

Larry's dealership remained open as of 2037.[2]


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