McCoy: I hope you have paperwork for all these vehicles.

Hirsch: Are we kids or what Ray? You're talking to Crazy Legs Larry Hirsch here.

McCoy: I'll take that as a yes.

Hirsch: You can take it any way you want. Just don't take it for a test drive in the fourth sector.

Larry Hirsch is the owner and salesperson of a used car lot under his name at Hysteria Hall. He is introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).

Hirsch attempts to interest Blade Runner Ray McCoy in a used car when the latter investigates Hysteria Hall to speak with Murray and Mia about cheese acquired from the Yukon Hotel.

Hirsch's involvement in McCoy's life depends on what choices are made in-game. A car can be sold to McCoy to escape Los Angeles by himself, with Lucy Devlin, or with Dektora.