K searches for Deckard in the ruins of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada, United States. Sometime before 2049, it became unhabitable due to a dirty bomb going off and dousing the city with harmful radiation. It is featured in Blade Runner 2049.


The Las Vegas of 2049 has retained much of its' prior look before a dirty bomb forced all living things to vacate the city. Classic Las Vegas landmarks such as the copies of the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower were surrounded by newer architecture. Like Los Angeles, the streets have moved vertically where the poor and homeless lived at the "basement" of the city while those who could afford it stayed higher up.

In 2049, the entire city was devoid of life save for several bee-hives and former Blade Runner Rick Deckard.

Events of 2022-2049

Deckard in Hiding

In the time between the Blackout in 2022 and the events of 2049, Rick Deckard moved into Las Vegas to live in seclusion after working with Freysa and the replicant resistance movement to hide the child he had with Rachael.

Officer K's Discovery

Following K's discovery of Deckard in Las Vegas, Deckard justifies this decision to live as a recluse with keeping his daughter safe and free of persecution, revealing that "We were being hunted".


Deckard, K and Bo

Deckard lived in Las Vegas accompanied by his dog, Bo. It is unclear whether Bo is a animoid replicant or not.


The dust storm in Sydney that inspired 2049 Las Vegas

The dust storm in Sydney that inspired 2049 Las Vegas

  • Director Denis Villeneuve stated that a sandstorm during his time in Sydney, Australia directly contributed to the depiction of Las Vegas in 2049.[1]