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Film Continuity

Lelia was a follower of Yotun.


In 2029, she was tasked by Yotun to find Aahna "Ash" Ashina, a Blade Runner who had failed to retire him in 2017.[1]

Finding Ash one evening at The Diamant, Lelia left after hearing Ash mention Yotun. Ash, having noticed her, attempted to pursue her, but Lelia managed to slip away after throwing a taxicab door at the Blade Runner.[2] She later witnessed Ash and her partner Freysa Sadeghpour entering her home and followed them back to theirs.[1]

Lelia returned to Yotun to inform him that Ash had been found, to which Yotun asked to bring Ash to him. To carry out this assignment, Lelia waited as Ash and Freysa's home, asking Ash to accompany her to Yotun. After Ash refused, Lelia attacked, knocking her out and taking her away in a spinner.[1]

Lelia later killed Jac as he attempted to explain to Ash Yotun's true motivations for reviving Nexus-8 replicants.[3]

When Silka, Dyson, and Farhad arrived at the facility, apparently with Freysa as their hostage, Lelia introduced them to Yotun, noting to him that Freysa was Ash's lover. Yotun then decided to take Freysa with him on an important mission, leaving Lelia to show the others to the living quarters. There, Silka managed to knock Lelia out.[4]