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Leon Kowalski, serial number N6MAC41717, was a Nexus-6 replicant and friend of Roy Batty, leader of a group that sought to extend their brief lifespans.

His emotions were at a much lower level of development than Roy's, but he evidently believed in Roy's quest for more life. Leon was classified as mental level C. He did not have the speed of thought Roy had when it came to getting through a situation, resorting instead to simple violence.

Leon had cherished photographs of his friends. Unlike Rachael's false photos of her childhood, these were current photos of the only ones who meant something in his life.


After arriving on Earth with the group following their escape from an Off-world colony, Leon lodged at the Yukon Hotel on Hunterwasser street and found employment as a waste disposal engineer at the Tyrell Corporation.[1]

Following a botched break-in to the corporation by the replicants, the police assumed that the replicants might try again by disguising themselves as Tyrell employees. Therefore, they started to question all of the workers at Tyrell's Level 9 replication center. Leon, less than a week into his employment, ended up being interviewed.[1]

Leon with Holden

Leon being tested by Holden

Blade Runner Dave Holden interviewed Leon, utilizing a Voight-Kampff machine. As Holden began to suspect Kowalski of being a renegade replicant, Leon brandished a gun and shot him.[1] Leon took Holden's badge[2] and escaped the Tyrell Corporation building and was left to roam the streets of Los Angeles freely.[1] He stored the badge in a drawer in his apartment.[2]

When attempting to retrieve photos of his fellow replicants from his apartment, Leon spotted the Blade Runners Rick Deckard and Gaff rifling through his room which angered him significantly.[3] He confronted the desk clerk about the situation, frustrated that he had let them into his apartment and take his photographs with them. On his way out, he encountered Ray McCoy and was briefly questioned about a Rastafarian and a bearded man, but Leon did not know them.[2] Joining Roy across the street, Roy questioned him about retrieving his photographs. When Leon told Roy that the police were in his apartment, Roy gave him a brief look of reproach.[1]

The two set out to find a small shop named Eyeworks, the business owned by Hannibal Chew, designer of replicant eyes. After being roughed up, Chew informed them they could reach Eldon Tyrell through genetic designer J.F. Sebastian.[1]


Leon and Deckard

Leon attacks Deckard

Blade Runner Rick Deckard was called in to retire Leon after an encounter with Zhora. Leon spotted Deckard on the streets, following Rachael and decided to tail Deckard to surprise him and ultimately kill him.[1]

Shortly after the incident with Zhora, Leon disarmed and beat Deckard severely after he witnessed him kill Zhora. Just as he was about to poke his fingers through Deckard's eyes, he was shot by Rachael, who had picked up Deckard's gun.[1] Official records maintained that Deckard retired Leon.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Leon is loosely based upon the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? character Max Polokov.

According to Brion James, it was originally intended for a black actor to play the role, with Frank McRae nearly being cast. However, James was cast after Ridley Scott was impressed by his audition.[5] He reprised the role in the 1997 video game.


Leon's death in the comic adaptation

In the Marvel Comics adaptation of the film, Leon stands to fire the first shot at Holden, then shoots him again on the way out of the room. Also, Leon's death is slightly different, as he is shot in the back rather than the head.

A deleted scene of the film features Leon going back to the hotel room mere seconds after Deckard and Gaff leave it. He then picks up and examines the piece of origami that Gaff leaves at the site. A version of this scene was included in the novelization of the film by Les Martin.


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