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Film Continuity

Lexi was a Nexus-8 combat munitions replicant.


In 2039, at a crowded Los Angeles food court early one morning, Lexi and two friends discussed whether they would remain friends if one of them was a replicant. They were approached by the Nexus-9 Blade Runner Luv, who recognized one of Lexi's friends as Tabitha Rens. Lexi and her other friend attacked Luv to protect Tabitha, but were easily fended off. Lexi followed Luv, who chased Tabitha to a meat locker. Lexi then watched in horror as Luv retired her friend.[1]

Deciding to try to escape the city, Lexi managed to procure two eyes free of charge to use as payment for her journey to freedom. She met the Ferryman at Hermosa Beach and boarded his vessel, being taken to Catalina. There, she was greeted by Aahna Ashina, who asked for the eyes.[1]

Lexi boarded Ash's spinner, initially becoming concerned as Ash flew them toward the city, but showed amazement as they reached the outskirts, having not seen anything outside the city before. During the trip, she told Ash of the Nexus-9 Blade Runner.[2]

Upon reaching a trailer where Ash lived with Freysa Sadeghpour, they were greeted by Sapper Morton – who Ash was initially startled by, having not expected him – before Ash introduced her to Freysa.[2]

Freysa organized an escape route for Lexi, but it (along with every other route) became too dangerous due to Luv's activities. Lexi spent an evening with Morton, stargazing, and curiously asked him what it was like in the Off-world colonies.[3]

Lexi hid in the back of a ground truck Ash and Cleo used to drive to San Francisco in search of Isobel Selwyn. The truck was eventually stopped with a flat tire and when a raider checked the back, Lexi shot him in the face, then killed one of his companions as Ash killed the leader. Ash scolded Lexi for hiding, but a wounded Cleo soon called for Ash, asking if they had killed all of the raiders.[4]

Lexi sought help for Cleo, eventually finding a farmer, Mack who was willing to take them in. He treated Cleo's wounds and Ash had Lexi stay with Cleo while she continued alone in finding Isobel.[5]

Noticing Mack outside holding Ash at gunpoint, Lexi snuck up on him with her own gun, prompting him to stand down. When Lexi mentioned that she was designed with stealth in mind, Mack was convinced that Ash was indeed pro-replicant.[6]