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Lilith Tyrell was the niece of Eldon Tyrell who inherited the Tyrell Corporation following her uncle's death.

After the bankruptcy and sale of the Tyrell Corporation, Lilith fell into obscurity until founding Lilith Labs, specializing in the creation of replicant memories.


Rachael Mother

Lilith with her mother

In 2018,[2] Lilith served as a templant for Rachael,[1] an experimental replicant created by her uncle who was implanted with several of Lilith's memories.[3]

Following her uncle's death in 2019, Lilith inherited the Tyrell Corporation.[4] She led the company's manufacture of the Nexus-8, which was immediately met with public outcry due to their unlimited lifespans.[1]

After the 2022 Blackout,[1] while in search of the missing Kano Nakayama, Blade Runner Harper went to Lilith, asking her about "Night Owl," a viral pathogen developed as a failsafe by her uncle to kill replicants if they were to become dangerous. She did not answer his question, but was concerned that the Replicant Underground Resistance knew of it.[4]

She later was attacked in her office by the Resistance[1] and kidnapped by them. Her assistant, Santiago, claimed she had requested a meeting with Harper. The Resistance removed her eyes and placed them in a replicant they created of her with the assistance of Kano Nakayama.[4]

The group, led by Eve, invited Harper to their hideout. There, Eve urged Harper to join their cause by killing Lilith. Harper killed Eve instead and Lilith asked Harper to stop the replicant Lilith from getting Night Owl to the Resistance.[4]

After the production of replicants was prohibited in 2023, the Tyrell Corporation went bankrupt and its assets were bought by the Wallace Corporation. Meanwhile, Lilith withdrew from the public eye. During this exile, she had a daughter, Sarah Tyrell. She remained in obscurity until 2036 when she established Lilith Labs, specializing in replicant memory manufacture.[1]

Lilith granted the Wallace Corporation permission to use her as a templant for a line of Nexus-9 replicants as a tribute to her uncle. Among these Nexus-9s was Leah.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In the comic book adaptation and novelization of Blade Runner, it is stated that Tyrell's niece was sixteen and he retrieved her memories by copying and regenerating cells from her brain. A childhood photo of Lilith with her mother appears in Blade Runner. The identities of the actresses portraying her and her mother are unknown.

This version of the character remained unnamed until the video game Blade Runner: Revelations. In the non-canon ending, triggered by Harper killing Lilith, Harper assists the replicant Lilith in stealing Night Owl. She was later included as an NPC in "Electric Dreams," a Case File included in the Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set.

The tenth issue of Blade Runner 2029 established that Eldon Tyrell had a sister, Alice Leopold. However, it is unstated whether she is Lilith's mother or aunt.

A series of continuation novels by K.W. Jeter previously introduced Tyrell's niece as Sarah Tyrell, a child of Anson and Ruth Tyrell, replicants Eldon created to be his brother and sister-in-law. These novels are no longer considered canon, though the name Sarah was re-used for Lilith's daughter.