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Scramble I showed them how to scramble the records, cover their tracks.

Parts of this subject's history, such as their fate or identity as a human or replicant are determined by random generation, player action, or a combination of both. Thus, this article aims to acknowledge all of the possibilities.

Lucy Devlin was a girl who worked at the pet store Runciter's Live Animals, owned by Runciter. She was unsure of whether she was a human or replicant.


If Lucy was a replicant, she was a "Lolita" model Nexus-6, designed to be sold into sexual slavery and popular with the "dirty old man" market.[1]

As of November 2019, Lucy appeared to be about fourteen and had only briefly worked for Runciter, hired in part because of a reference from Ogilvy's. Runciter began to sexually exploit Lucy. One night, after he made advances on Lucy, the pet store was attacked by two replicants, Clovis and Zuben. She associated with Clovis at some point, referring to him as "father."[1]

If Ray McCoy sided with the replicants and Lucy was one of them, he escaped Earth with them in the hijacked Moonbus. If McCoy sided with neither the replicants nor the police and Lucy was human, he instead fled the city, potentially with Lucy in tow. However, if McCoy sided against the replicants, he could attempt to Voight-Kampff test her. If McCoy gave chase, he had the opportunity to retire her. If McCoy spared her, Lucy could have met him in the sewers, where she requested a Voight-Kampff test to confirm her true nature.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"She might be a Rep or she might be a victim–only a Voigt-Kampff empathy test will tell for sure. Either way, Lucy is one girl who's had more than her share of troubles."

Behind the Scenes booklet[src]

The extent to which she can appear in the game depends on the player's actions. If, however she comes to interact with Ray, she grows very fond of him, seeing him as a dependable figure. Lucy is randomly determined to be a replicant or not at the start of each new game.


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