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Lucy Devlin was a girl who worked at the pet store Runciter's (Live) Animals, owned by Runciter. She was unsure of whether she was a human or replicant.


After Runciter made advances on Lucy, the pet store was attacked by two replicants, Clovis and Sadik.[1]

If Ray McCoy's sided with neither the replicants nor the police, he instead fled the city with or without Lucy in tow.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"She might be a Rep or she might be a victim–only a Voigt-Kampff empathy test will tell for sure. Either way, Lucy is one girl who's had more than her share of troubles."

Behind the Scenes booklet[src]

The extent to which she can appear in the game depends on the player's actions. If, however she comes to interact with Ray, she grows very fond of him, seeing him as a dependable figure. As with the other characters mentioned above, Lucy is randomly determined to be a replicant or not at the start of each new game.


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