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Luther and Lance are the siamese twins who work in a lab behind Dermo Design since being let go by Tyrell Corporation. They run their own business, selling bio-mechanical parts to an unknown party. They are introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).

Forced into hiding, McCoy explores the underbelly of LA and makes contact with the twins. They believe themselves to be replicant "mistakes" created by Dr. Tyrell, having been shown their own supposed inception photos by Clovis. McCoy expresses doubt, pointing out that photos can be easily manipulated, but the twins nevertheless work tirelessly to discover ways to extend the lifespan of replicants. The twins can provide McCoy with evidence proving the corruption and shady dealings of Lieutenant Guzza in exchange for genetic data obtained from the offices of Tyrell, which they need for their work.

Despite there being no way of determining their status of human or replicant (they refuse to be subjected to a VK test), McCoy can kill them without any consequences.

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