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Luv was a Nexus-9 model replicant and the right-hand of Niander Wallace.

Luv admired Wallace and his vision for the future of replicants. She occasionally visited his quarters to learn more about his plans for reproducing replicants and reported all matters concerning buyers and possible threats that may arise and halt progression in reaching their goal.



Luv was created by Niander Wallace sometime after the Blackout, around the time that he began legally producing replicants. She was created to be a servant and enforcer for Wallace. Wallace considered Luv to be his "First Angel" and designed her to have enhanced physical strength and combat skills.[1]

Working at Wallace Corporation[]

After establishing the Wallace Corporation, Wallace appointed Luv to be his secretary at the corporation. She handled personal meetings with political figures, visitors, potential buyers and dealers interested in products from the corporation.[1]

Meeting with K[]

Luv walking K through Wallace Corporation

In June 2049, Luv cancelled her meeting with a potential buyer due to a call from a worker at the front desk of the Wallace Corporation to assist a visitor in locating more data concerning a deceased replicant. Luv assisted the visitor, an LAPD replicant Blade Runner named "K," in finding data files regarding said replicant, determining that it was Rachael, one of Tyrell's first Nexus-7 replicants. K expressed surprise that Wallace had named one of his replicants, to which Luv showed a visible if unreadable reaction.[1]

She later assisted Wallace in examining one of his new line of replicants, in the process witnessing him murder it as he spoke about his inability to create replicants that reproduced. Wallace, who had figured out that the replicant Rachael had given birth to a child with the missing former Blade Runner Rick Deckard, ordered Luv to find the child.[1]

Search for the Miracle[]

Luv demanding answers from Joshi while crushing her glass in her hand

Luv's path to finding the replicant child grew increasingly destructive as she became obsessed with fulfilling Wallace's orders, murdering a morgue technician when he caught her stealing Rachael's remains and killing several homeless people with a drone when they threatened K. Unaware of K's personal journey into his own identity, she became increasingly agitated when K disappeared from Los Angeles. She stormed into Lt. Joshi's office and demanded to know his location, Joshi informed her she was too late and that K already destroyed the child. Luv became enraged and injured Joshi, before finally shedding a tear and killing her opposition.[1]

Luv attacks K, interrupting his and Deckard's escape

Luv tracked K and Deckard to Las Vegas, where she led a group of Wallace enforcers to the derelict casino where they were staying. After a short battle, she was able to subdue Deckard, leave K for dead, and destroy his Joi's emitter. Deckard was brought to Niander Wallace himself, who offered Deckard a clone of Rachael in exchange for information as to the whereabouts of his child and the replicant freedom movement. When Deckard refused, Luv killed Rachael's clone and escorted Deckard to be transported to one of Wallace's off-world outposts to be tortured for information.[1]


Luv drowned by K

Luv's transport was intercepted by K, who engaged her in a prolonged fight for Deckard. Although the two Nexus-9s were evenly matched, Luv managed to gain the upper hand and gravely injured K with a stab to the abdomen, mockingly kissing him and declaring herself superior. Before she could take Deckard, however, K managed to recover and was able to subdue her by holding her underwater until she drowned, ultimately leaving her dead body to sink as the transport was pulled into the water.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Luv was a rather cold, emotionless replicant, whose only duty was to serve Niander Wallace, a role that she was slavishly devoted to, always referring to him as "Mr. Wallace", and never straying from her duty to serve and/or please him. Despite being his personal servant, he had a high degree in trust in her; she ran the day-to-day operations as sort of an unofficial CEO.

Luv could put on a charming façade when needed, as shown when she conducted a pleasant meeting with a potential customer, and she was friendly and amicable upon first meeting K while he was searching for Rachael's records. However, behind that was a cold, ruthless and even cruel personality; coldly threatening Joshi with death unless she told her about K's whereabouts, even temporarily losing her cool and shouting when she refused to answer. She was also rather sadistic; smiling with glee upon killing Joshi and coldly destroying Joi in front of K after retorting a sarcastic remark. She was also cold and callous to the men under her employ, shown when she angrily yelled at the driver of her spinner while attempting to transport Deckard Off-world.

Luv was evidently insecure about her status as a replicant, despite the level of power and control she enjoyed that few other replicants did. When K remarked to Luv that "He [Wallace] named you," she showed the faintest, almost unnoticeable sign of discomfort towards it, and, while observing the audio recording of Rachael's Voight-Kampff test, she expressed a degree of enjoyment for a more personal conversation than strictly business one, only to revert to coldness when K aptly ended their conversation and thanked her for her time. Later on, when Wallace cold-bloodedly killed a replicant sent to him for evaluation, Luv showed another sign of discomfort, hinting at disgust of another replicant being simply discarded, and possibly hinting that, while devoted to Wallace, she possibly feared him as well. During the final fight with K, after subduing him, she smugly kissed him and retorted "I am better!", as if trying to prove her superiority over not just K, but all other replicants, further hinting at her deep-seated insecurities that she kept well-hidden.

Behind the scenes[]

According to actress Sylvia Hoeks, Luv was twelve years old in Blade Runner 2049.[2] In an early version of the script, she is killed by being stabbed in the head with the Joi emanator.[3]

The barcode on Luv's spinner license plate reads "Philip K. Dick" when scanned.[3]