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Lydia Kine was a Tyrell Corporation employee who worked in the lab of Dr. Charles Edevane, head of Project Nexus.


During her time at Tyrell, Kine worked closely with Effie Koropey and achieved transference, managing to transfer her consciousness into a new body, a man she used to draw as a child, that she referred to as Asa.[1]

Officially, Kine was killed by Nexus-4 pleasure model 4-331575.[2] Later that night, a Nexus-5 prototype escaped. Afterward, the corporation covered up her apparent death, claiming it to be a suicide.[3] Her consciousness continued on in the form of Asa, who soon made contact with her brother.[1]

Now in the body of Asa, Kine rescued her brother from the clutches of the Tyrell Corporation and took him to Virgil to a find a friend. There, she tried to convince him to trust her by going to a pierogi stand recalling memories of their mother bringing them pierogis when they were children. However, the replicant cook at the stand was beaten by his owner, then retaliated. A horrified Marcus tried to leave, believing Lydia to just be a simulation of his sister. Trying to convince him, Lydia reminded him of her drawings of Asa, saying that she still had them at her apartment.[1]

Upon arriving at the apartment, she was held at gunpoint by LAPD Detective Cal Moreaux.[1]


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