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Film Continuity

Lydia Kine was a Tyrell Corporation bioengineer who worked in the lab of Dr. Charles Edevane, head of Project Nexus. She pioneered transference, the ability to transfer a person's memories into a replicant body.


During her time at Tyrell, Kine worked closely with Effie Koropey and achieved transference, managing to transfer her consciousness into a new body, a replicant modeled after a man she used to draw as a child, that she referred to as Asa.[1]

Internally, Kine's death was blamed on Nexus-4 pleasure model 4-331575.[2] Later that night, a Nexus-5 prototype escaped. Afterward, the corporation covered up her apparent death, claiming it to be a suicide.[3] Her consciousness continued on in the form of Asa, who soon made contact with her brother.[1]