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Film Continuity

Captain Lydia Wojciech was the superior to Aahna "Ash" Ashina during her initial tenure as a Blade Runner.


In 2011, Wojciech was a relatively new detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. That year, she questioned Aahna Ashina, commenting that unlike most of her suspects, Ash had a brain. Wojciech also stated that Ash was persistent, noting that these qualities would make Ash a good detective.[1]

By 2019, Wojciech had become Captain in the LAPD's Blade Runner unit, where Ash had since been employed. After tracking down the replicant Benny, Ash met with Wojciech, who informed her that there were no available jobs to hunt replicants. However, she ordered Ash to accept a job to find the missing wife and daughter of Alexander Selwyn, sending her to meet Selwyn in Santa Barbara.[2]

Later, Wojciech detailed to Ash the past of "the Skin," a person of interest in her investigation.[3]

For some time, Wojciech managed to keep Ash's disability – which required the use of a brace – a secret. However, after Ash was shot down and hospitalized, this information became known to the department and was not well received. In the hospital, Wojciech informed Ash that Selwyn was dissatisfied with her performance, so she was taken off the case, which was reassigned to Harry Bryant's division.[4]

By 2026, Wojciech had retired from the LAPD. She was visited by Ash, who had gone rogue in the Off-world colonies since 2019. Ash sought information on the whereabouts of Alexander Selwyn, but Wojciech did not have any solid leads, instead trusting Ash to use her connections within Los Angeles.[5]

After Ash was arrested and taken into custody, Wojciech visited her, warning that the world was not as Ash left it and clarified that she was not the one who reported her to the police.[6]

Three years later, Ash was arrested again for her pro-replicant activities and called Wojciech. Wojciech provided a distraction for Ash's lover Freysa Sadeghpour by feigning disappointment to Ash as she was being transported. Freysa knocked out the guards, allowing the couple to escape.[7]

By 2039, Wojciech lived at a nursing home, where she maintained a friendship with fellow resident and former colleague Gaff.[8] Ash came to visit her on one occasion, seeking her advice in dealing with a replicant Blade Runner, Luv. Wojciech advised against it, as it would involve Niander Wallace, warning Ash to avoid those who saw themselves as prophets, like Wallace did.[9] By the following week, Wojciech died of natural causes.[8]