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Film Continuity

N6MCK-22503, known as Mack, was a Nexus-6 replicant.


Mack was originally assigned to work construction on Titan until he escaped to Earth. Three months later, in 2018, he planned to go to Memphis, where there was supposedly a haven for replicants. However, he was pursued and confronted by the Blade Runner Aahna Ashina. She shot him, sending him falling off of a rooftop. He landed in the street, where a group of children prepared to salvage his parts, successfully removing his left hand. However, still alive, he attacked them until her realized they were children and fled into the night.[1]

He wandered out of the city, eventually arriving at a farm[1] north of Los Angeles.[2] The owner, an elderly woman, allowed him to stay, never questioning his predicament. She passed the farm down to him when she eventually died.[1] He managed to live well beyond the Nexus-6's lifespan into 2039. By this time, he commonly dealt with storms and raiders.[2]

He agreed to take in Lexi, Cleo Selwyn, and Ashina, whom he did not initially recognize. He treated wounds that Cleo had sustained in a gunfight and warned Ashina about heading further north to San Francisco. He quickly pieced together who she was, and still believing she was the "scourge of replicants," he held her at gunpoint as she left the farmhouse. He explained that he knew who she was and revealed he was one of her former targets and was now planning to kill her.[2]

Ash told him that she had changed, but he was unconvinced until Lexi aimed her own gun at him and revealed that she herself was a replicant. Learning that Ash was headed to San Francisco to find Isobel Selwyn, he volunteered to go with her to meet the replicant that changed her.[1]

Along the way, Mack explained how he ended up on the farm. In the city, they traveled to the residence of Isobel's relatives. Inside, they searched for her until Mack was shot by Rash, a replicant double of Ash.[1] Soon, Isobel hijacked Luv and Rash's spinner and came to Mack and Ash's aid. As Ash ran for the spinner, Mack shot Rash in the shoulder. She returned fire, killing Mack.[3]