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Maggie was Ray McCoy's pet dog. It was unclear whether she was a real animal or an animoid.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Maggie was purchased at some point by Blade Runner Ray McCoy and lived with him in apartment 88F. Whenever McCoy came back home, Maggie would greet him cheerfully and McCoy would return the favor by giving her a treat.[1]

When Ray McCoy went to investigate dragonfly jewelry at Animoid Row, he purchased a necklace with the name Maggie on it from the dragonfly lady.[1]

When McCoy was framed by Lieutenant Guzza for the murder of Izo, he became a fugitive and was not allowed into his apartment. When McCoy tried to go back, a shotgun armed thug named Rajif told him to leave or die, with Maggie nowhere to be seen.[1]

When McCoy had enough evidence to confront Guzza, he could return to his apartment

McCoy returned only to find Maggie dead, shot by Blade Runner Crystal Steele.[1]

She later appeared in the kipple as McCoy hunted down Sadik and Clovis. Maggie was used as bait and died when Sadik killed her with a bomb.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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