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Marcus Kine was the brother of Lydia Kine.


Following his sister's death in 2009, Marcus sought out Detective Cal Moreaux, insisting to him that Lydia's death was not by suicide, but instead being covered up by the Tyrell Corporation. Marcus, rightly believing he was being followed, was then rescued by Moreaux from an unknown assailant, taking him into his apartment for safety.[1]

Marcus was taken to a Los Angeles Police Department precinct, but after Moreaux left him to view his sister's body, Marcus was taken from the station by Tyrell personnel led by Ilora Stahl. En route to their destination, the spinner was attacked and Marcus was rescued by the assailant.[2]

The assailant was Asa, who revealed himself to be the still-living consciousness of Marcus' sister. Asa took him to a pierogi stand to help convince him, recalling a childhood memory of their mother bringing them pierogis. However, the pair witnessed a replicant cook retaliate against his owner, horrifying Marcus. Believing Asa to just be a simulation of his sister, Marcus tried to leave. However, Asa reminded him of drawings Lydia would make as a child featuring Asa's likeness, and that the drawings were still at her apartment.[3]

Marcus was later taken to La Plume Sauvage for his safety,[4] managing to fill the time by doing small jobs for Divina. During one such task, Marcus was confronted by Asa, who once again attempted to gain his trust and mend the relationship with Lydia. However, this was to no avail.[5]

Marcus was later encouraged by Divina to join Asa in his investigation, prompting Marcus to leave the bar. He went with Asa to an apartment in search of a killer Nexus-4. There, Marcus seemingly came to terms with Asa and asked why Lydia had to die. However, his question went unanswered as a man burst out of a nearby vent, knocking Marcus out the window and into a dumpster.[6]

Marcus later went to the Tyrell Corporation headquarters, explaining to Stahl the escape of the Nexus-5 and Lydia's transference into Asa. He also offered to take her to La Plume Sauvage, but Stahl excused herself to the facility's combat replicant storage.[7] Marcus accompanied Stahl to the slum marketplace, but looked on in horror as he realized she intended to set the market ablaze.[8]

Marcus assisted Desiree by evacuating the slum's residents and took Oliver to La Plume Sauvage. As a result of the attack, the bar was in shambles and knowing of Marcus' role in the destruction, Divina ordered Marcus to leave the establishment. As he left, Marcus tried to apologize, but his words were cut off by Desiree.[9]