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Marlowe was a Los Angeles Blade Runner active as of the late 2020s and early 2030s.


In 2029, Aahna Ashina was told she would be partnered with Marlowe if she failed to turn up leads in her pursuit of Yotun. Their sergeant, who suspected Ash of helping replicants, later assigned Marlowe to investigate her.[1]

Marlowe went to the scene of a break-in to Alice Leopold's vault, a call that Ash was responding to. Seeing Ash confronting Pekka, Marlowe retired Pekka, insisting on his job to retire replicants upon detection. Ash then pursued Pekka's accomplice and Marlowe followed. The chase was unsuccessful and given the opportunity to talk to Ash, he told her of their sergeant's concern for her performance, which was notably worse than it once had been. Ash blamed this on false reports of replicants and told Marlowe that their sergeant need not worry about her. Ash then took off in her spinner alone, though Marlowe continued to tail her.[2]

In October 2032, Marlowe boarded a bus where a replicant rode, set on leaving the city. However, once Marlowe commented on the replicant's fight the previous evening, the replicant ran, crashing through the bus windshield. Marlowe wielded a shotgun and shot the replicant once before leaving the bus, then once more, killing him. Marlowe then lit a cigar and reported the incident.[3]

Later, Chief Earl Grant contacted Marlowe, requesting assistance in the department's pursuit of a replicant known only to them as Black Lotus, and disclosed that she was a replicant, a fact unknown to anyone else. Marlowe took off to join the hunt, but when Grant said they had the target surrounded by a SWAT team, Marlowe went elsewhere, insisting his help was not needed.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Marlowe made his debut in the ninth issue of Blade Runner 2029. He also appears in Blade Runner: Black Lotus, voiced in English by Josh Duhamel and in Japanese by Taiten Kusunoki.