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Dr. Martin Penfield was a scientist who, following World War Terminus, participated in an animal research project at the Presidio, with the goal of ending widespread extinction.


Having been raised by fundamentalist parents, Penfield was skeptical of Mercerism, but would feign an openness to it when his co-worker Betty approached him with the wish of converting him. Because of this charade, he managed to obtain an empathy box, wishing to experiment with it.[1]

As Penfield and his colleague, Dr. Samantha Wu, ran an FMRI scan on a rabbit to was apparently immune to dust, the topic of Mercerism came up between them. Learning that Wu was also a skeptic, Penfield showed her his empathy box and told her of his wish to study it. Wu quickly agreed to be his test subject.[1]

For the experiment, Sam was given an FMRI scan while she held the box's handles for thirty seconds. Penfield found that the box merely overstimulated the brain's temporal lobe, similar to an EMP being used on an android's brain to simulate emotion. When Sam surmised that androids may actually feel something when subjected to this, Penfield dismissed the notion of artificial emotions, remarking that perhaps the box must have effected her brain more significantly than he thought.[2]