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Mary is a character cut from Blade Runner. She was a renegade replicant, among the six led by Roy Batty.


Mary Replicant -5

Stacey Nelkin in her screen test for Pris

Mary was to be portrayed by Stacey Nelkin, who originally auditioned for Pris. However, she was written out of the script during an early stage of production due to a writers' strike. She was reportedly based upon the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? character Irmgard Baty and was to be a mother-figure, nanny-type replicant, performing housework and childcare duties. She would have been present for the outer colony escape, but the sequence was scrapped in favour of an opening crawl.

When Mary was excised from the script, this created a small problem: Bryant should be saying that there are three remaining replicants (Roy Batty, Pris and Rachael), not four. Rather than re-shoot this scene, they rearranged the scenes during editing and put Deckard's confrontation with Leon after he bought his Tsing Tao, so that the four remaining Replicants would be Roy, Pris, Leon, and Rachael. However, this created its own errors:

  • In previous cuts of the film, when Deckard is buying his Tsing Tao and later talking to Bryant, he has a scrape on his face from his fight with Leon before it's even happened. This was fixed in The Final Cut.
  • Since he now buys his bottle before he fights Leon, it should be there while he's fighting Leon, but it is not. The bottle mysteriously reappears when he gets back to his apartment. Considered a "beloved flaw" by Scott.

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