This article details the minor characters in the film Blade Runner.

Holden (Morgan Paull)

Our first introduction to both the Voight-Kampff test and also what the Replicants will do to achieve their goal. The eye at the beginning is supposed to be Holden's (although it isn't actually Morgan's eye).

Holden is the Blade Runner testing new employees at Tyrell's on the premise that the escaped Reps might try to infiltrate there. He underestimates the Nexus 6 Replicant. It seems that the new replicants are difficult to detect even with the Voight-Kamp machine.

Holden gets shot. He gets his gun partially out, but is shot again. Leon leaves him for dead.

There were two hospital scenes with Holden and Deckard in the film, but these were cut out due to not adding anything to the story, (and perhaps detracting from it even). This scene can be viewed in the documentary On the Edge of Blade Runner, which is expected be on the Blade Runner Special Edition DVD. It is expected one or perhaps even both scenes will appear in a "deleted scenes" section on the new DVD.

Taffy Lewis (Hy Pyke)

Taffy Lewis is the owner of Taffy's Snake Pit Bar where much entertainment occurs. There is music, exotic dancing, something being smoked in pipes. But the place isn't downmarket - all the clientele seem to be well dressed. Taffey is obviously used to policemen and has little time for them. Deckard's threats don't wash with him and he dismisses Deckard with a free drink.

Deckard invites Rachael to join him, but she says its not her kind of place. Deckard then sees Zhora and waits for her backstage, before gaining access to her (shared) dressing room through a quickly thought up deception. After she discovers Deckards intentions, she punches Deckard, and escapes. After a chase through the Los Angeles streets, Deckard shoots her three times, killing her.

Leon turns up (presumably to meet his "girlfriend" after she finished her performance). Luckily for Deckard, Rachael decides to come down to see him after all, where she finds Leon attacking Deckard. Rachael shoots Leon in the head and kills him.


Mary was a replicant character that was written out of the script at an early stage. She was to have been a mother-figure replicant, performing housework and childcare duties. [1] [2]

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