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Film Continuity

Maurice Kolvig was the recently elected governor of Los Angeles during 2019. He is introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).

Events of 2019 Edit

Interview on TV Edit

Kolvig's first appearance in-game occurs when Blade Runner Ray McCoy first enters the mainframe and shooting range of the LAPD. A news reporter acknowledges that Governor Kolvig has plans to expand operations in cleaning up the highly lethal radioactive kipple surrounding the city using specials, or unhealthy humans.

Meeting with Tyrell and Death Edit

Later, Kolvig met with Eldon Tyrell in the meeting room of the Tyrell Corporation to discuss the use of replicant slave labor in place of using specials. While not thrilled about the idea, Kolvig was unable to continue the conversation because they were interrupted by Clovis who, after a brief debate, shoots and kills Kolvig and uses his body as a decoy in order to escape Tyrell's security detail.

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