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Film Continuity

Menzes was employed by the Wallace Corporation in 2032 to confiscate the Golden Garter's pleasure model Nexus-8s and to track down Elle.


Menzes and his bodyguard, Tatsuo, arrived in Fracktown and ordered a meeting with Emile Barnes, owner of the Golden Garter. During this meeting, Menzes informed that abuses that had occurred against the club's pleasure models where in violation of the lease Barnes originally signed with the Tyrell Corporation. Thus, he stated that the club's replicants would be turned over to the Wallace Corporation.[1]

After the meeting, Menzes entered a Vid-Phon call with Ms. Tyler to provide an update on his search for Elle. With no current leads, he was advised that Elle was last seen heading toward Las Vegas and that Niander Wallace preferred for her to be returned alive.[1]

Menzes later viewed footage taken from Barnes' fracktory just prior to its destruction. Identifying Elle in the footage, he reported it to Wallace, who requested Elle's head.[2]