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Mercer's climb

Mercer's climb

Mercerism was a religion followed by the denizens of post-World War Terminus Earth.

Mercerism centered around a martyr known as Wilbur Mercer. Together, followers – known as Mercerites – would fuse with Mercer through the use of an empathy box, during which they would experience Mercer's climb up a hill whilst he was endlessly pelted by stones. Such a fusion could cause actual injuries and in some cases, even death.[1]

In actuality, Mercerism was manufactured by an unknown party; Mercer's ascent was filmed on a soundstage. Mercer himself was played by Al Jarry, while the rocks hurled at him and injuries sustained were fake.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Mercerism was originally created for Philip K. Dick's 1964 short story "The Little Black Box." It was later expanded upon in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, but was excised from the film adaptation, Blade Runner.

In "The Little Black Box," Mercerism is a fast-growing religious movement that has become a concern to the United States government, to the point where it is eventually banned. Additionally, Mercer is suspected of being of non-terrestrial origin.