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Film Continuity

Miguel Roman was a Blade Runner who eventually retired and became wind farmer at the Inland Empire Clean Energy Co-Op.


For a time, Miguel worked as a Blade Runner. However, the career led to considerable mental torment, eventually leading Miguel into contemplating suicide until he met and fell in love with Nyoko Kojima. Together, they moved to a home in the desert outside of the city, married, and had a daughter, Kaja.[1]

By 2032, Roman's wind farm provided batteries to Fracktown's Energy Xchange.[2]

While in town to exchange new batteries for empty ones, Roman confronted Emile Barnes, who was harassing Elle to sell her spinner bike to him. After Barnes left, Roman took Elle with him to have a wound on her shoulder treated. He took her to the Co-Op, telling her about the community and its history. Finally, he brought her to Nyoko, who had become a medic for the community.[2]

At dinner, Miguel prepared to make a toast to Elle. However, a drone controlled by Barnes' men shot him in the shoulder. As Elle fended off the men, Nyoko ran to get medical supplies for Miguel, but Kaja ran after her and the two were taken hostage. Fearing for the lives of his family, Miguel advised that the remaining residents hold their fire as Barnes' men escaped.[1]

After learning from Dixon, one of Barnes' captured men, that Barnes wanted both Miguel and Elle dead, Miguel took Elle to his home. There, he revealed that he knew she was a replicant due to his past as a Blade Runner. He gave her a katana – an heirloom from Nyoko's side of the family – and asked that she save his wife and child.[1] He also employed the help of Junkett Jones, who provided Elle with PKD-9, a plastic explosive. Before sending Elle on her mission, Miguel received a call from Barnes, who demanded the end of the Co-Op's competition in exchange for Nyoko and Kaja.[3]

Elle returned with Nyoko and Kaja, leaving the fracktory destroyed and Barnes dead in their wake. They debriefed, joined by Dixon and Junkett, who told them that Kozlov claimed the destruction of the fracktory was unprovoked. Further alarm was raised when Junkett relayed Preston's claim that Sancho had killed the other escapees. As Dixon knew Preston to be a traitor, they rushed to the medical tent, where they found him strangling Nyoko. Once Elle incapacitated him, Miguel ordered for him to be taken to the brig.[4]

Miguel received a call from Kozlov, who offered a truce. Miguel agreed to meet him at the Fracktown saloon in an hour. They arrived, with Elle offering herself as a target for Kozlov's revenge, though Miguel tried to take all of the blame. Elle and Kozlov fought until the latter confesses to all of his and Barnes' misdeeds. Miguel said his goodbyes to Elle, as she felt she had more answers to find in the desert.[4]