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Film Continuity

Mister Cotton ran the Morrillcole Orphanage in the junk heaps of San Diego. He evidently did not care much for the children under his supervision, seeing them rather as pawns to enrich himself by making them harvest metals.

On July 3, 2049, when Blade Runner K arrived at the orphanage, Cotton was loudly berating the children and threatened to send them outside into the inhospitable wastelands of San Diego unless they worked hard enough. K then requested the facility's records from 2021. Cotton complied, showing the officer that he had records dating back to 2019, but was surprised to find that those from 2021 had been removed.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

According to actor Lennie James, before running the orphanage, Mister Cotton was a school teacher that lived in Greater Los Angeles.[2]