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Film Continuity

Miu was a replicant created to be completely subservient to humans.


Miu, alongside several other replicants manufactured the same way, was left in a desert with no memory of how she got there. Upon meeting Elle, she complimented her black lotus tattoo and offered her jacket. When a group of hunters opened fire on the group, Miu ran away with Elle. As they hid, Miu recalled her own name and surmised that they may have been drugged.[1]

The two managed to hijack a buggy driven by the hunters, picking up two other replicants as they were pursued. However, Elle soon lost control of the buggy and crashed. Surviving the wreck, Miu and Elle were met by the hunter Hayden Hooper who urged them to fight back. Elle attempted to do so, but was unsuccessful. Hooper further goaded Elle by shooting Miu dead.[1]