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Film Continuity

The Nexus-3 was a model of replicant. The Nexus-3 was notable for being the first replicant to be capable of independent thought and complex tasks.[1]

In 2009, Ilora Stahl employed a militia of Nexus-3s to destroy the Los Angeles slums. During the resulting battle, Asa noted that these Nexus-3s could not be reasoned with. They could feel pain, however, so Asa and Nia Moreaux decided to take them out quickly.[2]

Rick Deckard's initial retirement as a Blade Runner was due to his experience of having killed a Nexus-3 Replicant whose death made him feel sick[3] because the Nexus-3 series conveyed the feeling of being "too smooth, too human."[4] Ray McCoy remarked that, in comparison to the Nexus-6, the Nexus-3 would easily give up when cornered.[5]