Nexus 08 Alpha

A Nexus-8 Alpha model on display at Wallace Corporation Earth Headquarters, 2049

The Nexus-8 series were the final iteration of numerically-designated bioengineered humans created by the Tyrell Corporation.

Origins - 2020

Fate of the Nexus-6 Replicants

The Tyrell Corporation was responsible for the creation, manufacturing, and selling of strong, intelligent androids known as replicants. The Nexus series, with each iteration, continued to improve and expand to become more human and less like machines. By 2019, the Nexus-6 series proved to be indistinguishable from humans in almost every way, and superior in strength and agility. Although illegal on Earth, Nexus-6 models were used Off-world to fight in wars, protect people, and attend to the extreme dangers of colonization. They were given a four year lifespan in order to control them better and prevent any large scale rebellion from having much effect on society.

After the death of corporate head and founder Eldon Tyrell at the hands of a Nexus-6 model named Roy Batty in November of 2019, the rest of the unused or unsold Nexus-6 replicants were allowed to expire in storage.

Nexus-8 Production and Features

The Tyrell Corporation rushed the next iteration of replicants onto the local and off-world market, the Nexus-8. Unlike the previous Nexus-6 models, Nexus-8 series replicants were purpose-built with natural lifespans and were imprinted with ocular implants to better distinguish them from humans. The Replicant Registration Database was created to identify replicants with ease at this time. 

The Blackout - May 2022

Human Supremacist Movement

Because of the violence associated with the previous Nexus-6 models, the Nexus-8 series were not well recieved and violence quickly erupted between human and replicant. Murdered and lynched in the streets, Human Supremacist movements used the Replicant Registration database to hunt down and kill replicants.

Nexus-8 models were used to fight on both sides of the off-world war on Calantha.

Nexus-8 Involvement in the Blackout

A human named Ren Dus was responsible for detonating an EMP over the West Coast of the United States, knocking out all power and corrupt data storage, as well as crippling stock markets and causing food shortages world-wide. This event became known as the Blackout and most people at the time blamed replicants for the event.

Nexus-8 traitor

Ren activating the EMP over the West Coast.

At the same time, two Nexus-8 models Iggy and Trixie caused an explosion that would destroy the Replicant Registration database, allowing all remaining Nexus-8 models to blend in or go into hiding.

Aftermath - 2023-2028

Because of the Blackout and violence associated with it, governing authorities place an indefinite ban on all replicant production. By this time, because of their pre-programmed 4 year lifespans, all Nexus-6 models expire and Nexus-8 replicants - now to be retired by law - go into hiding.

Reclusive genius Niander Wallace is able to take over the remnants of a bankrupt Tyrell Corporation as a direct result of the deemed failure of the Nexus-8 series.

Nexus-8 Post-Prohibition

Rachael's Child - 2021-2049

Although doomed to be hunted for the rest of their lives, some Nexus-8 replicants still were part of extremely important events after the prohibition. After fleeing Los Angeles together, former Blade Runner Rick Deckard and prototype Nexus-7 model Rachael conceived a child together. This child was born in 2021, causing the death of Rachael and necessitating a plan to keep it safe from those who would want to experiment on it. Deckard went into hiding, but the child was taken care of by Nexus-8 replicants Freysa and Sapper Morton, veterans of the war on Calantha and important members of a growing replicant resistance movement.

To prevent knowledge of the child reaching the rest of the world, Sapper Morton sacrificed himself to retirement by Nexus-9 Blade Runner Officer K when the latter arrived at his farm on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Nexus-8 replicants in 2049

Some Nexus-8 models in 2049 that survived retirement joined the replicant resistance movement led by Freysa.

Known Nexus-8 Replicants