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Nia Moreaux was the sister of Cal Moreaux.


Nia grew up in the slums alongside her brother Cal and their friend, Desiree.[1]

In 2008, Nia was a 5th grade teacher at Kindred Elementary School. She was tasked that year with training three Nexus-4 replicants, part of the Tyrell Corporation's Excel Program, designed to replace the teaching workforce with replicants, offering humans training for better jobs once the transition was complete. However, Nia highly disapproved of the program and was stern with the replicants she trained. While outside for a smoke break, Nia met Ilora Stahl, head of the Excel Program. Knowing this, Nia burst into anger, voicing her disapproval with the project, noting its interference with the lives of those who lived in the sector.[2]

However, two weeks into training, one of the replicants, Isaac, visited her in her classroom, where she worked instead of going to lunch with the other human teachers. He gave her a decorative apple, knowing that it was once a kind gesture from student to teacher, signifying knowledge. Upon learning that Isaac read a thesis paper she wrote on empathic pedagogy in order to help him assist emotionally-distressed students, she asked Isaac to accompany her to lunch. Before they could discuss further, the two were caught in an explosion, severely injuring Nia.[2]

Nia's ambulance was intercepted by the Tyrell Corporation, who took her to Dr. Lydia Kine's lab, where her consciousness was transferred to a prototype Nexus-5 body.[2]

Nia Moreaux

Nia's hospitalized human body

After waking, the replicant Nia was furious with Kine, feeling that this new body did not feel right to her.[3] Nia's human body was hospitalized in a catatonic state. Her brother visited her regularly.[4]


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