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Nia Moreaux was a prototype Nexus-5 replicant which contained the consciousness of the human Nia Moreaux.


In 2008,[1] Dr. Lydia Kine transferred Nia's consciousness into the body of a Nexus-5 replicant. As this was against her consent, the replicant Nia was furious with Kine, feeling that this new body did not feel right to her.[2] Her human body was hospitalized in a catatonic state.[3]

Nia later escaped and began to "awaken" and lead a small group of replicants who terrorized anti-replicant citizens of Los Angeles. The group eventually encountered Nia's brother Cal and Asa, a replicant containing the consciousness of Lydia Kine.[2] Realizing Asa was Lydia, the vengeful Nia attacked him, repeatedly pummeling him with attacks until a girl witness distracted her. Asa then fought back, explaining that Lydia had realized the potential danger of transference and that the experiment would end with them, vowing to make amends. Nia was then torturously attacked by Filip, who was quickly fended off by Moreaux and Asa. After a brief reunion with her brother, Nia went after Asa once more, intending to kill him. However, this confrontation was interrupted by a group of Tyrell Corporation spinners led by Ilora Stahl.[4]

When Stahl commanded her militia to torch the slums, Nia ordered her group to protect and evacuate its citizens – human and replicant alike – while she and Asa went after the militia, with Moreaux and Nia's lover Isaac engaging Stahl herself. Together, Nia and Asa incapacitated the militia, many among them Nexus-3s, who could not be "awakened" by Nia due to their lack of independent thought.[5]

After the battle, Nia showed Asa to a dying replicant, pointing out that replicants' emotions and desires – intended to make them enjoy their subservience – gave them the drive to seek rebellion. Soon, they found Moreaux with Isaac's corpse, after being killed by one of Stahl's men. Nia cried, cradling her late partner, then asked Asa for his assistance in ending the conflict.[5]

Nia met privately with Cal, stating her belief that a planned interview Stahl had planned would further demonize replicants to the public and that Tyrell's treachery would further extend to the slums. She asked her brother to kill her during the televised interview, asking that he shoot her in the heart so people could see her face and realize replicants looked like they did.[6] She then went with Desiree to the interview.[1]

En route, she asked Desiree for her feelings on their task at hand, but received little response beyond unwavering support for her. The two engaged Tyrell forces on a rooftop before Nia managed to get inside. She fought her way to the studio, where she held Stahl at gunpoint, saying that her next actions were the only way to fight against Tyrell's intended future. Cal then burst in and shot Nia in the heart, with her face being broadcast to the viewers.[6]


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