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Film Continuity

Niander Wallace, Sr. was the founding CEO of Wallace Corporation.


Wallace organized a "doll hunt," an event during which Senator Arthur Bannister, Earl Grant, Josephine Grant, Hayden Hooper, and Doctor M hunted a group of completely subservient replicants.[1]

In October 2032, Wallace met with Senator Bannister at the Pickfair Hotel for a televised event. There he announced his support for the fundraising of Bannister's project which would supposedly improve the quality of public life. Wallace then returned to his home shortly after.

That night Wallace engaged his son, Niander Wallace, Jr. in a game of Go whilst criticizing the younger Wallace's failures to fulfill his business promises. After playing a triumphant move in their game, the elder Wallace received a phone call informing him that Bannister had been killed.[2]

Wallace and his son later viewed the news coverage of Bannister's death. The younger Wallace noted that this death would make it less likely for replicant production to be legalized, though the elder was not so worried. Wallace Sr. conceded that his son's innovations in synthetic proteins saved the world from starvation, but noted that his son's ideas often lack power and funding.[3]

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Earl Grant later came to Wallace, informing him that Elle, a member of the group of replicants he hunted, had escaped to the city and promised he would see to her elimination. Wallace then tried to call his son, but received no answer.[4] Faced with this situation, Wallace decided to try and sell off the company's Tyrell assets in order to cover the company's tracks in relation to Elle's slayings, which by this point included Bannister and the Grants. Wallace told his son such, but was met with a calm response that his replicants were flawless and that the elder Wallace would soon understand this.[1]

After learning about the death of Doctor M, Wallace became exceedingly concerned for his own safety, despite reassurances by the corporation's security head Hignight. After a call with security, Wallace was visited by his son, explaining to him his predicament and his regrets over organizing the doll hunt. He pointed out that the younger Wallace's reputation would be damaged as well if the truth of the hunt was revealed to the public, but his son was not phased. As Wallace said that the situation needed to end, his son claimed it already was ending and played a move on the Go board before bidding Wallace Sr. farewell. The elder Wallace called after him, but received no response.[5]

After a security breach, Wallace was sealed inside of the penthouse, despite his demands to be evacuated. Elle soon arrived and Wallace managed to shoot her several times. Standing over her, he remarked on her pursuit of free will and choice, two things Wallace saw as illusions, especially for replicants, as he perceived them as not mattering. Elle then told Wallace that replicants could feel pain, to which he responded "good" before opening fire. Elle dodged the shot and grabbed the barrel of Wallace's gun along with his wrist as they struggled to gain control of the gun. While the struggle ensued, Elle managed to turn it on Wallace, whose fingers squeezed the trigger, firing a fatal shot into his head.[5]